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Das MALUMA-Konzert am 29.03.2022 in der Festhalle Frankfurt findet wie geplant statt!

Einlass nur mit 2G+ - Geimpft, genesen und zusätzlich getestet (Antigentest nicht älter als 24h, PCR nicht älter als 48h - wer geboostert ist, benötigt keinen Test!)

Auf allen Wegen in der Halle, am Platz und beim Anstehen auf den Zuwegen gilt eine Maskenpflicht, empfohlen wird FFP2.

Nur Verzehr von Speisen und Getränken darf die Maske abgenommen werden.



Bitte hier bestätigen

Europe Stadium Tour 2022
Düsseldorf | Merkur Spiel-Arena

Samstag, 18.06.2022 (rescheduled 27.06.20/ 26.06.21)

Sonntag, 19.06.2022 (rescheduled 28.06.20 / 27.06.21)

Doors: 16:00 Uhr
Show: 19:30 Uhr


Dear concert visitor,

In order to ensure a pleasant evening at the concert and a smooth entrance, we ask you to carefully read and observe the points listed below.

For your own protection and that of all other visitors, we recommend that you voluntarily take a quick test before attending the event.
If you feel ill or even have symptoms that indicate a Covid-19 disease, please stay at home!

All tickets were sold personalized. This means that all tickets must show the name of the respective ticket holder. A new personalization or transfer of the ticket is possible via the Eventim customer account of the ticket buyer up to 24 hours before the start of the event via the "sell" button on the order. Alternatively, you can also go directly to www.fansale.de.

In exceptional cases, repersonalization will also be possible on the day of the show on site, provided that the original identification document of the original ticket holder is available. Proxies will not be accepted. Please note that there may be considerable waiting times for re-personalization on site. Please plan for this when you arrive.
Please have an identification document ready at the entrance so that ticket checks can be carried out as quickly as possible.
Despite the rescheduling, tickets remain valid.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring glass bottles, cans, hard packaging or any objects that may be used as a throwing device (e.g. deodorant, perfume, etc.) to the venue. Therefore, these items will be collected at the entrance point.

Bags shall be DIN A4 (21cm x 29,7cm) or smaller!

For safety reasons it’s forbidden to bring bags bigger than DIN A4 (21cm x 29,7cm).

To minimise the waiting periods at the entrance, we ask all concert visitors to refrain in general from the entrainment of bags.
The access with smaller pockets (like fanny packs, little shoulder bags, clutches) is granted, nevertheless we also ask you to reduce everything on an absolutely necessary minimum (money, medicine, etc.).

So please leave the following items at home in order to quicken the security check:

• big bags like backpacks, tote bags, travel bag, suitcases, baskets and cooling bags
• professional cameras with zoom objectives and/or interchangeable lens and the function to videotaping
• audio and videotaping devices
• light and video equipment
• GoPro cameras
• selfie sticks
• electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, power banks, etc. except mobile phones
• Food and drinks (both will be available inside the venue)
• Chairs, ladders, stools
• weapons, knives, taser, batons, pepper spray, key & wallet chains etc.
• torches, flashlights, glow sticks, laser pointer
• big flags and posters (incl. sticks)
• helmets

Please be also aware of the venue regulations: MERKUR SPIEL ARENA House Rules

Refreshment stations with a big diversity of different drinks and food can be found on the whole ground including the infield. It is not allowed to take any beverages or food with you. For your own good only Tetra Pak or plastic bottles containing max. 0,5l (non alcoholic and unsealed) will be allowed on site.

Don’t forget to bring sunblock and something to cover your head / rainproof clothing.
Loud music may damage your ears! Please be reminded that ear protection is very important especially for children. We advise you to not bring your kids to the show when they are under 6!

There will be medical staff on site for any emergencies.

Your concert ticket allows you to use the local public transport, excluding special transportation, in the whole VRR area (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr). Hence we advise you to use public transportation.

The subway station at Düsseldorf central station is located in the basement.
Rheinbahn line U78 delivers event visitors to MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA every five minutes during normal operations. The station is labelled as "MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA/Messe-Nord." After events, additional trains provided by the Rheinbahn depart every 2.5 minutes from the arena to central station. Travel time between Düsseldorf central station and the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA station is approx. 15 minutes. Public transportation is included in your ticket!

More info via www.rheinbahn.de www.vrr.de www.bahn.de

2. CAR
Visitors can reach Düsseldorf by car using the following motorways: From the north via the A52 and A3; from the west via the A44 and A57; and from the south via the A57 and A59. Messe Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf Exhibition Grounds) are located immediately next to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. Signs for MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA and Messe Düsseldorf are visible throughout the city. From the A44 motorway take exit AS 29 "Düsseldorf-Messe / Arena" directly to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA arena.

Upon arrival at the arena and exhibition grounds, drivers can follow the signs for car park P1. There are 20,000 spots in total available on site. Current parking fees are posted at parkservice24.


Please note:
Because the infield of the Arena could not be accessed barrier free, persons with a rollator walker or wheel chair unfortunately cannot get there. If you depend on crutches you can take them in but because of security aspects you are not allowed to take any stools to the infield.

In general – safety first

Please make sure that you have eaten and drunk enough so that the circulation does not become slack. Paramedics and doctors are on site for medical emergencies.

Please always behave considerately, take care of each other and help each other.

Please excuse any delays.

We wish you a wonderful concert experience.
The team of MCT & concert team nrw


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