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Das MALUMA-Konzert am 29.03.2022 in der Festhalle Frankfurt findet wie geplant statt!

Einlass nur mit 2G+ - Geimpft, genesen und zusätzlich getestet (Antigentest nicht älter als 24h, PCR nicht älter als 48h - wer geboostert ist, benötigt keinen Test!)

Auf allen Wegen in der Halle, am Platz und beim Anstehen auf den Zuwegen gilt eine Maskenpflicht, empfohlen wird FFP2.

Nur Verzehr von Speisen und Getränken darf die Maske abgenommen werden.



Bitte hier bestätigen


Europe Stadium Tour 2024

Support Act: Abélard

11./12./13. Juli 2024

Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Park

Doors: 4:00 PM - Show: 7:30 PM


Dear concert visitor,

in order to ensure a pleasant concert evening and a smooth entrance for everyone, we ask that you carefully read and observe the points listed below.

PERSONALIZED TICKETS                                                                                                

All tickets were sold personalized. This means that all tickets must show the name of the respective ticket holder. A re-personalization or transfer of the ticket is possible via the Eventim account of the ticket buyer up to 24 hours before the start of the event via the "sell" button in the order. Alternatively, you can also go directly to www.fansale.de.

In exceptional cases, re-personalization will also be possible on site on the day of the show, if an original identification document of the original ticket holder is available.
A proxy will not be accepted. Please note that there may be considerable waiting times for a new personalization on site. Therefore, please have this in mind when scheduling your arrival.

Please have a valid identification document (passport, ID card, driver's license) ready at the entrance so that the ticket check can be carried out as quickly as possible.

Tickets for people with disabilities and their company can only be re-personalized until 10.07.2024 only via rammstein-barrierefrei@eventim.de or by telephone on +49 421353638 (Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 18:00).


For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring glass bottles, cans, hard packaging or other objects that can be used as projectiles (e.g. deodorant, perfume, etc.) onto the premises. These items will therefore be taken away at the entrance.

Bags shall be DIN A4 (21cm x 29,7cm) or smaller!

The restriction applies to bags and backpacks as well as gym/cloth bags and plastic bags, the largest side of which is larger than the "DIN A4" format (21.0 x 29.7 cm).

In order to minimize waiting times at the entrance, we ask you to refrain from bringing bags with you. There is no possibility to leave the bags on site.

Admission is granted with smaller bags (fanny packs, small shoulder bags, clutches), but we ask you to limit yourself to an absolute minimum (e.g. money, medication). Bringing e-cigarettes is permitted.

Therefore, please leave the following items at home to expedite entry:

  • Large bags such as backpacks, shopper bags, travel bags, suitcases, baskets and cooler bags
  • Professional cameras with interchangeable and/or zoom lenses and video function
  • Audio and video recording equipment of all kinds
  • Lighting and video equipment
  • GoPro cameras
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, with the exception of cell phones & small power banks
  • Food and beverages (both available for purchase on the stadium grounds)
  • Chairs
  • Weapons, knives, tasers, batons, pepper spray, etc
  • any Glass, PET & Tetra containers
  • Flashlights, key & purse chains, glow sticks, laser pointers
  • Large flags and posters (including sticks)
  • Helmets
  • Umbrellas of all kind
  • Binoculars

Please also note the safety instructions of the stadium: https://media.eintracht.de/image/upload/v1654253679/dbp_stadium-regulations_en-0e9b.pdf



Info about arrival & departure by car including a site plan can be found here:




We recommend travelling by public transport as the concert ticket entitles you to do so (except special transport).

General Information can be found under: www.rmv.de/en; www.bahn.com/en

The following lines will bring you close to the Deutsche Bank Park


From Frankfurt main station take the S-Bahn lines S7 (upper floor), S8, S9 (both underground) in the direction of "Frankfurt Flughafen/Airport", "Wiesbaden Haupt-bahnhof" exit "Stadion". The trip takes about 6 minutes. After that you can reach Deutsche Bank Park in 10-15 minutes within walking distance.


In addition to tram line 21, special tram trains (line 20) run every 3 minutes from the main station to the "Stadion" station on the day of the concert. The tram is strategically more favourable for visitors with tickets for the main and eastern block. The walk takes between 10 and 15 minutes.


Bus route 61 and special route 80 run between Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Südbahnhof. The buses travel via Frankfurt Niederrad in the direction of the stadium. Stops are then "Stadionbad" or "Osttribüne". The distance to the stadium is approx. 10 to 15 minutes walk.

By bike

You can reach Deutsche Bank Park via various cycle paths in the Rhine-Main area.

In total 680 new bicycle parking spaces have been built around Deutsche Bank Park. A total of 1060 bicycle parking spaces are now available. The locations of the parking spaces can be found on the site plan under the above link with directions.


Access to the Deutsche Bank Park car parks by caravans is not permitted!

Extract from the stadium regulations §17 paragraph 4: Overnight stays, camping (e.g. mobile homes, caravans) and camping in the Deutsche Bank Park car parks is prohibited.



As a holder of a wheelchair/severely disabled ticket, you will receive a separate mailing with information about parking and travel possibilities.


For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring walking aids and crutches or similar into the entire standing area. The aforementioned aids are only allowed at the seats outside the infield. If you are the holder of a ticket for the standing area and are dependent on walking aids, please please go to this link by 04.07.24 and follow the steps:


In general - Safety first

Please make sure that you have eaten and hydrated enough to keep your circulation going. You will find food and beverage vendors offering a wide range of food and drinks throughout the stadium as well as inside the stadium. It is not permitted to take food and drinks into the stadium.

Paramedics and doctors are on site for medical emergencies.

For a long time now, the phrase "Which way to Panama?" has become a familiar and safe signal at many festivals and events. In moments when you or others feel uncomfortable, need help or are confronted with an unpleasant situation, do not hesitate to contact the team of Inklusion Muss Laut Sein on site.

The team wears pink vests and they can be recognized by a pink sticker with a black eye. In addition, there is a booth of the organization at the stadium forecourt/ Sommerweg.

Please behave considerately at all times, look out for others and offer your help when needed.


Remember sunscreen (cream, headgear, etc.) as well as rainproof clothing.

Loud music can damage hearing! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that especially children should wear hearing protection and be placed appropriately on the premises. We recommend not to bring children under 8 years to the concert, children under 6 years are NOT admitted.

We ask for your understanding in case of any delays.


We wish you a wonderful concert experience.

The Team of MCT & concert team nrw GmbH




Ticketbestellung für Menschen mit Behinderung

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